about me + what i do


how it all started

hey there! let me just start this off by saying thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my work, it means the world.

don’t worry, i’m not going to bore you with my favorite food or tv shows. i’ll keep this related to the stuff you probably care more about.

so i guess we can talk a little about how i got started back in 2015. i got my first camera, and basically never put it down, i know i know, it’s a super cliche “how i started” story but its the truth and i think that’s kinda how we all get started on our passion journeys. the thing that made it click for me— that “oh my gosh i want to do this as a career” was the emotion, smiles, happy tears, and long texts and emails i would get back from my clients telling me that they have never felt more confident and beautiful before. the fact that me + my camera can create such happiness for someone truly inspires me and keeps me going.



what to expect

lots of laughs, really terrible jokes, i will probably bring up my cats at some point (1000% a crazy cat lady) and i almost always bring someone to help me out, usually my man or my mom. either one, it’s definitely gonna be good time. always feel free to tell us to shut up— we get excited.

i love to get creative and try new things out. so i may ask you to do something that might seem silly but i swear i kinda sorta know what i’m doing and like 80% of the time those weird things end up making the best photo ever.

what not to expect—

i keep things very very simple and natural. no studio, no lights, no props. nada. just you, doing you. of course, i will give you direction on what to do, but as far as posing goes— i really try to leave it up to you and what you naturally do. nothing is worse than a stiff looking posed photo.

you most definitely will not get your photos back in two days. i give myself 7-14 days depending on the season to edit a normal session. i do this so i can truly take time perfecting every image. its very important to me to not just throw a filter on a photo and call it a day. this is where i get creative and show my personal style through my photos. so please be patient with me! don’t worry though, i always send previews :)



are you ready to do this thing or what?